Containment Liners

CPL-24 and CPL-36 liners have become extremely popular since their introduction in the 1980’s. These polyethylene liners are the most puncture and tear resistant liners in use in the country today, being several times stronger than the heavier, thicker EPDM rubber, PVC or HDPE liners. In most cases, these liners do not require any underlayment or sand base because of their extremely high puncture strengths. The CPL liners are also highly resistant to UV and chemical degradation from fertilizer nitrate, hydrocarbons, and most chemicals while providing a fish and plant safe lining system. CTL-24, CTL-30, and CTL-40 offer economical options for single scrim RPEs. These liners can be installed very quickly, up to 300,000 square feet per day and are custom-fabricated to any length and width panels needed, up to approximately 70,000 square feet.

CPL-24 is a 24 mil (24 thousandths of an inch) thick Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE). It is a “5 layer” construction consisting of 3 layers of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) coatings sandwiching 2 layers of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) reinforcing scrim. This method of construction results in an incredibly puncture and tear resistant lightweight liner material. To our knowledge, the CPL-24 is the strongest RPE available today. For these reasons, CPL-24 is usually the “most bang for your buck” when lining for containment of water, contaminated soils, secondary containment of hydrocarbons, etc. It is much stronger (much better puncture and tear strength), lighter weight (larger factory panels), excellent UV resistance (exposure to sunlight), and less expensive (more profitable) than most of the competition. In fact the CPL-24’s 642 PSI puncture strength is the highest we are aware of for any product even remotely close to the price range of these products. One of the important aspects of the pioneering CPL-24 has been the fact that the need for underlayment has been virtually eliminated in most aCPLications. Unlike the much weaker PVC and EPDM, the 642 PSI puncture resistant CPL-24 doesn’t require a geo textile underlayment when placed over raked dirt, even if it has rounded rock in it. Puncture of the CPL-24 from underneath is virtually unheard of. The other liners are supposed to go over extremely smooth surfaces. Overall, CPL-24 is one of the most versatile liners on the market.

Because of the inherent chemical and hydrocarbon resistance qualities of polyethylene, many substances can be primarily or secondarily contained by CPL-24, including but not limited to water, contaminated soil, oil, gas, sewage, various chemicals, etc. Long-term storage (primary) would include water and contaminated soil. Short-term storage (secondary) would include gas, oil, chemicals, etc. As with any secondary containment liner, a leak or spill should be cleaned up ASAP.