Thought you guys might like to see the forum photo documentation of my new roof with your kit. I am very pleased with the quality of your product.


Hugh Garraway


I am close to finishing the glue down of my roof. I have had to repair some wood damage and have been able to use the EPDM as a cover tarp for my 35 footer as I go. A lot of people looked at me with fear when I told them I was about to re-roof my trailer. it has been a long peocess as I have down most of it by myself. My wife and 12 year old have lent a hand with some of the heavy stuff. I am very happy I did this myself and and really have you folk to thankfor all the help and support on the phone before ordering. Of course a lot of youtube videos have helped educate me. Thanks again and I will strogly recommend you folks. I am a Home Property inspector here in Florida and I see some many applications for EPDM on homes and out buildings.

Thanks Again,

Mike Pries


Thanks to all you great folks at Roof-Top®. I placed my order and WOW!!!, I came home the next day and everything arrived and was waiting for me on the front porch. I just finished the roof today and I am really proud of myself. The roof was very easy to install and already proved itself as Hurricane IKE made its way up through the state dropping rain and gusty wind. Again thank you and I will tell everyone that this is the flat roof solution.

Mark Henderson
Memphis , TN

2 days ago I ordered a roll of EPDM membrane, 5 gallons of adhesive and some other stuff. I received it today, a little over 48 hours from when I ordered it. The shipping time was fantastic!! Thanks for shipping it out so fast!! I spent a lot of time researching different alternatives, but finally decided on the EPDM membrane. For some reason it took me quite a while to find your website, but I'm glad I did. I called and spoke with one of your experts and he was very helpful. The prices are very reasonable, and the shipping time is unbelievable! As soon as I finish the roof on my motor home I'm going to post some company info with a brief testimonial on a couple of my websites with links directly to your site. Try to drive some more customers your way. With today's economy I know we can all use a few more customers. Thanks again for the great service!!

Thomas McClellan
Wayne , MI

I am writing to express a real thank you for not only the EPDM roofing but also your undivided attention in assisting me with the product. For two years I have experienced a leaking roof that is situated above my garage. I contacted and hired four different contractors (supposed roofing specialists and professionals) who charged me quite a bit of money and delivered poor results. Just one week ago, the roof was STILL leaking. Just recently, after researching the situation myself and finding your website, I learned about your product and took a chance. Surprisingly, for a very small amount of money, I ordered your product and am truly amazed at how simple it was to install, and how quickly the leaking issue was resolved. Now I can have a leak proof deck and stop worrying. To think that I could've saved thousands of dollars by simply spending $200.00 on your product materials makes me want to kick myself, buy I am very happy in the end!

Mary LaRue
Fernandina Beach , FL

We received the Roof-Top® products in a timely manner and are pleased with all the products that we have ordered. The materials arrived in good condition and work well when used properly. We are also pleased with the Sales Staff, they are friendly and courteous. We recommend Roof-Top® products highly.

Fort Smith, AR

I really like the EPDM products and the accessories that Roof-Top® sells. The sales staff at Roof-Top® is most helpful and informative. We received our order 4 days after ordering. I recommend Roof-Top® if you want to save money and do the work yourself.

New Gloucester , ME

The Roof Top® staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. The Black EPDM Rubber Roofing is flexible, durable and user friendly compared to the other choices for flat roofing materials. The installation DVD helped us a lot on the installation. We could watch the EPDM being installed correctly. Thanks, for the wonderful service.

Holden, WV

I just want to take a minute and thank all at Roof-Top® for their help when I called after seeing your roofing product on the Internet. Everyone was very helpful, making my decision easier and the installation a snap! I received all the products on time - 4 days after ordering - in excellent shape. The DVD video included was a great bonus also. Once my substrate was properly prepared, per instructions, it only took 3 hours for three of us to apply the roof! And that was our first time doing it! I am sure our problem of a leaky roof from shingles applied on an almost flat roof is over with. Again, thanks for all your help in answering all my questions when I called and sending the roofing to us so promptly. It is nice doing business with a company that cares.

Donald Guertin
Chicopee, MA

Thank you for the great service and fair prices! I ordered on Monday and received it today, Wednesday... can't beat that!

Gary Ritchel
Evansville, IN

I would like to thank you for your quality products and outstanding customer service. I ordered the re-roof kit for my motor home and was very happy with the materials and the helpful DVD that walks you through the installation. I just wish more companies were as honest with their product descriptions and after the sale customer support. Thanks a million!

R.T. Flowers


I recently purchased the 60 mil white on black for a flat roof. I am very happy with the product and how easy it was to install. I installed this in Thessalon, Ontario, Canada. I will definately use this product again and reccommend to people. Thanks again,

Peter Goodall


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