D.I.Y. Rv Roof Replacement

A friend of mine purchased a used RV unit at an auction. The roof of this RV was leaking which had caused a lot of interior damage. It also appeared that the decking was water damaged. He made the decision that he would have to take off the old roof and put a new one on. He contacted a RV dealer to see what it would cost to put a new roof on his RV. The RV is 9' x 35' and does not have any slide outs. The dealer quoted over $3,500 to take off the old roof and install a new one. This price can vary according to your local dealer. Since I have experience with rubber roofing my friend asked if I would help install a new roof on his RV. Even though I had years of experience on flat roofs, I didn't have a lot of experience installing RV roofs He talked me into doing it, and he purchased a complete RV installation kit for under $700 from flatroofsolutions.com.

The two of us started removing the old roof one morning. It only took half a day to remove the air-conditioner unit, vents, and remove the old roof. Some of the existing roof deck was rotten so we had to replace some of it with new plywood. This process was much easier than I thought it would be. We then installed the new rubber membrane on the roof that same day. The second day we finished the roof by re-attaching the air-unit and vents. It only took us about 2 days to complete this project. The process was much easier than anticipated. My friend saved almost $3,000 by tackling this project himself. If you are some what handy and can follow simple instructions you should be able tackle this installation yourself. As you can see it could save thousands of dollars.

Removing the old roof material
New Plywood
Installing new Rubber Roofing

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