Do you have a flat or low sloped roof that is leaking?

Do you have a flat roof or low sloped roof that is leaking?  If the area is not too large, I suggest fixing it yourself.  You can save yourself a lot of money.  EPDM rubber roofing is a great product for a DIY roof repair.  In most instances, I recommend taking the old roof material off down to the wood decking and gluing down the rubber membrane.  It is ALWAYS better to fully adhere the rubber to the decking.  This will give you a long term fix. 

Almost all of the EPDM roof failures are a result of improper installation.  I know from 30+ years of experience that a fully adhered roof will be less problematic.  Before you order your rubber roofing membrane carefully measure your roof.  If at all possible buy your membrane in one sheet.  This avoids having seams.  If you do have to order you roofing in multiple pieces, it is easier to make seams using the seam and cover tape.  The tape was designed to work with the EPDM roofing.  You can make your seams with glue but it is difficult to work with and requires experience.  When seamed with the correct tapes and primer you will have a permanent seam.  

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