Bonding Adhesive: Comes in Neoprene (solvent based) and Latex (water based). Neoprene is used for adhering EPDM membrane to wood, metal or concrete substrate, walls and curbs. Latex is used for adhering to wood decks or iso-insulation board. Both should be stirred thoroughly before using.

Cover Tape: Six inch (6") wide cured EPDM membrane with butyl tape laminated to the back side (aka "peel & stick"). Used when covering metal drip edge and for repairing cuts or tears out in the membrane field. Should be used with Tape Primer.

Deck Plates and Fasteners: Used to attach insulation board to roof decking prior to installing EPDM membrane.

Fish Mouth: A term used to describe the end of a wrinkle in a seam. A Fish Mouth is unacceptable and would need to be removed and covered with Flashing Tape.

Flashing Tape: An uncured 6" wide or 12" wide strip of EPDM with butyl tape laminated on the back side. For use around corners and penetrations. Should be used with Tape Primer.

Lap Caulk: A sealant to be used at the top of all Termination Bar, Pipe Boots and any seam or edge detail that require extra protection.

Metal Drip Edge: Used to keep water off fascia boards and walls, and to create a finished look. It should be available at a local building supply.

Pipe Boot: EPDM pre-molded boot with butyl tape on bottom side. The least expensive and easiest way to flash in pipe penetrations.

Pipe Boot Clamp: Stain-less hose clamp used to secure the pipe boot to the pipe.

Seam Tape: Double-sided Butyl tape used to seam rubber to rubber. Also known as "Zip Tape" or "Splice Tape". Comes in widths of 3" or 6".

Tape Primer: (aka tape activator) Should be used to prepare the EPDM membrane area, copper or metal flashing and metal drip edge prior to being taped or seamed. Improves tape adhesion.

T - Joint: Formed when two sheets of EPDM form a seam that travels under, or over, a third sheet. The center of the "T" is where the three sheets meet.

Termination Bar: (Term Bar) An extruded aluminum bar used to secure membrane to a parapet wall, chimney, skylight or AC curbs. Can also be used on fascia boards when no drip edge is used. Each hole in the bar should be used for screws.