Roof Coatings

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the coatings that are advertised for RV roofs and flat roofs in general. Several of these coatings are not compatible with EPDM rubber roofs. Especially on the ones that have been installed longer than 15 years. Always be sure that your coating is compatible with your roof. If not, you could make your roof repair worse by using the incorrect materials. You need to be sure that anytime you apply coatings that you spend extra time and effort cleaning you existing roof. Once you have cleaned your existing roof and think it is clean, it wouldn't be a bad idea to do it again just to be safe. Then carefully examine your existing roof for major defects or damage. Remember, even if you do a good job coating your EPDM roof, your coating is only as good as the surface you coated. The application can be biggest problem with coatings. Most instructions will tell that a gallon is to cover a certain square footage. The instructions will tell you it should be a certain thickness on the roof to work properly. It can be very difficult to spread a coating on a roof with a paint roller and keep the same thickness throughout the roof. You tend to be heavy in some areas and thin in others. This makes it appear that you have the proper coverage in because you have used the gallon for the stated coverage area. If it is not even and one area is thin, the thin area will fail over time.

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