Universal Patch Kits

The use of primer is key to success

I have been looking on the internet for information about patch kits designed to repair rubber and metal roofs. I have looked at ten different kits from ten different suppliers and not one of them include the primer (tape activator). I can assure you if primer isn't used in conjunction with the repair tape that your repair will be temporary. I worked in the research and development lab on EPDM membrane and other single ply rubber membranes. I conducted many tests using tape with primer and without primer. In every case the non-primed tape failed after time. I have included a video below to help you visualize what I am talking about.

The reason most suppliers do not include the primer in their kits is because it is a flammable product. This sometimes limits shipping methods. There are just a few companies that include the primer with their patch kit.  Flat Roof Solutions carries a universal multi surface patch kit in black and white material. All of our patch kits include the primer necessary to ensure a long term solution for your minor repairs.

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